ExoPlayer error 2101 - File not found


I understand there are topics about files and this error already but I am confused on how to make the exoplayer play an audio file that has been picked by the audio picker.

Current what I do is simply After audio picked set the exoplayer source to the selection but this returns the error. I have tried looking around but it has confused me even more as I only find topics on csv or other non audio files. Any help would be really appreciated.

Sorry if this is an easy fix already mentioned somewhere.

I have tried this and that error stops:

But now I get this error: java.io.FileNotFoundException

Edit: This was solved by changing exoplayer to Taifun player, thank you @bodymindpower for the solution linked here!


maybe this will helpful


Apparently the ExoPlayer now needs a relative path.

(Who is responsible for this change? :upside_down_face:)


Thank you, this atleast lessens the frustration of not knowing what was wrong
And this solves the initial issue, my method just avoids the exoplayer.

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