Expectations vs Reality In My Screen And Cardview


Reality :—

How can I get shadows and look like Expectation(preview of the screen in kodular)???

You should use Decoration component to reduce the space between card views. You would also need to change elevation as well for making it as your expectation.

Thanks ,i change elevation to minimum but shadows are stll same as before but i never tried Decoration Component
i will check it out

How can i use Decoration Tool Can you please teach me?

Give the card view component to it and a text string as margin parameter. That will contains margin values. They can be like 2,2,2,2. You can adjust it according to you.

First value = left margin
Second value = top margin
Third value = bottom margin
Fourth value = right margin.

You should see the docs of decoration component.

here ? :–
Screenshot from 2021-09-11 19-39-27

No, like this


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Ok Thanks Brooo

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can this will solve shadow problem?

Shadow is set by eleveation value and border by stroke width

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It just giving a border, I want to give 3d type look like this

Either change elevation from 0 to another value to get shadow or see different ways to achieve styling

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