Export CSV from tags

hello guys good afternoon!
I’m new here and I really need your help, I have a CRUD that works well on my cell phone but I can’t remove the data in CSV as I need to.
I create a tag as an identification for each data group but I can’t save all the tags created in CSV, can someone help me, please?

To better be helped, post the blocks you tried and what happened, so that the users of the group can go straight to the point. :+1:
Did you search in community ?

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@Barros welcome to the community. Please edit your post cause community’s official language is english

hello guys good afternoon!
I’m sorry for using the translator …
In summary I need to save the data of all tags created in CSV.

Are your data overlapping?

Do you want to add items in the same tag?

Is each reading in the condominium to go to the cell phone of the liquidator or resident?