I/have/some.csv questions please help me

Hi everyone,

At the first thanks for this community to helping people.
I did all the things, searched links, forums, videos at all. And finally i am here.

I am trying to make an offline and opensource repair app for myself and who works like me.

This app will be use a Csv(,) file as a database. And it will be 2 section in the beginning (repairs and used chemicals for repair)

I did most part of it, but i am stuck now somewhere in saving the datas to csv file as separated values. Because I want to do in final, printing pdf on a template, from selected row’s values

I have like this .csv(,) this file have 2 section. 1 to 18(A to R) for repairs and 27 to 36 ( AA to AJ) for chemicals.


initialize (2)

As you can see, i could’t save values to my csv. I am stuck on this.
Can anybody help me for save Textbox values to right row and column.

And as I said before, i have 2 question more,

How can i add picture in a row section.
And in the end, can I print to pdf selected item from listview. is there any extension for this? and i can paid.

Any help could be positive for me and like me people.

Thank you all…

Let me suggest you to use TinyDB or SQlite for that… much easier snd less blocks…


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is there any way to make this possible offline … sing tinyDB or Sqlite … and if there any site to learn from it the process …

thanks in advance

Just simple…
1 : You need to add horizontal arrangement and in horizontal arr add a label and a text box.
2 than drag a tiny db
3 : than in block section( when you write anything in textbox and click Save button than call these blocks…)
i : save tiny db value(enter tag) (value : make a list of all text box like : Date,Blade Number,F Number)
ii : when you want to see the saved data than you can use " Get value tiny db" blocks ( “tag” you entered) ( value : select list item and join get value blocks and show in all text box by index numbers