Export Stuck on 100% downloading link

stuck on waiting for downloading link pleaseeee helpp meee

Refresh the page?

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Not working

Is there a mistake you show ?

no, I’m just trying to make an app

check internet speed

I faced the same situation today (I’ve a good internet speed)

is that a known bug or?

No, because I don’t have this issue. What browser are you using?

i checked this with edge and chrome

Did you try clearing the cookies :smirk:, did you try another device? If those don’t work, it’s likely an issue with your internet or ISP.

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It’s working with some projects. But not working for the one which i’m trying to export.
I calculated the size of asset files it’s somewhat 34 MB, is that the reason?

size of aia file is 31.4 MB

Did you check your asset file size? @SATRYA_GALUH_PAMUNGKAS

It could be because of the AIA size, give me a moment.

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i removed all the asset files and now it’s working

Excuse me, so how the size after you remove The asset?

Do not comment on an year old thread…