[Extension]ContactList - Get All Contact List

Is there any permission required to ask from user to make this extension work…

yes only one :- android.permission.READ_CONTACTS

If you are new here. Congrats for your extension first…
2nd You have to provide complete information related to extension like permission & how it will works etc… @DeveloperLeo



how to edit??

You can edit your post …
Just click on double dots on your post there you will get the icon of pencil. Click on it & edit…

I don’t know why but in return I didn’t get any list of contact in my app. my Lostview is completely empty…


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Try This :-
blocks (1)

Its Take some time to read contacts.


His trust level is 0 and thereby he can’t edit his post

Btw @DeveloperLeo why having two accounts, FYI that can get you suspended so pick one you wont to keep


from where i can pick and see my accounts???

I have one similar extension, with it you can get number by name, or get name by number.
here is the extension link

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Contactlist.aia (8.9 KB)

Here is the aia. Of @DeveloperLeo extension. Great extension…


Nice extension

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nice work, Welcome Here.

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when i clicked the button then it is displaying the same contact number more than one.

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Ya i know. It because we have contact in mobile & also in our sim. that’s y it’s happen @Nishant_Patel

Thanks for your sincere replay.

I need your help so what i have to do if i wanted to displaying only sim contact or mobile contact.

Do you have any solution ?

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I don’t think so their is any option available to show particular storage contact… @Nishant_Patel

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This is a great extension. When you have time try to add contacts PhotoList function.



New Update :-

See this new Update…

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i need to get only the contacts who are using my app
can u send me the blocks for that