Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

Btw, of course the AI2 version works too.

App is showing error, My app only use 2 extension.

  1. Download to ASD
  2. TaifunFile

Show your blocks.

I checked these blocks on Android 9 and 11 (also with TaifunFile), Companion & APK: no issues

I checked your app (APK, only screen First_Flight): no issues.
Btw, your app has 24 screens. :upside_down_face:

To clarify: @Lollipop’s issue had nothing to do with my extension.
We were able to clarify this via PM.

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@bodymindpower I want to download image in ASD without showing downloading notification . how can i do that? please help me . Thanks in Advance

Try this: DownloadToASD_notifHidden.aix (7.5 KB)


rather than offering a modified version of the extension you might want to add a property into the extension to switch between showing downloading notification or not…


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Yes, that may be true, but I always try to make my extensions as simple as possible (to avoid possible questions and irritations). Since this wish (hidden notification) has never appeared before, I will leave it with this version.

you do not want to keep 2 different versions of an extension up-to-date… the day will come you might want to add more functionality or do some bug fixes etc…


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I got following error while using this extension.


Hi , I got this error from yesterday . It was working fine but when I last compiled my app at 1 Am 11 August . It stops working and give this error.

What should this error have to do with my extension?
Post all (relevant) blocks in hight quality.

This is all Blocks in this screen nothing else

@bodymindpower I think the bug is due to notification visibility as I found something like my bug

Ok, you should have mentioned that you have used this version

So try to add this in the Manifest:

Problem Solve after dragging download component as download component declare this permission already.