Extension to download file(s) to ASD (app-specific directory) without WRITE permission

Yes, of course.

The assets (→ Internal Storage) are read-only.
The app package is saved in:


The only component that can write to the Private directory (→ internal storage, see here)


is the File component.
There is also no extension that does it.

I opend my android folder today and i saw this…
I have some doubt
Will the file component and your extension still work in Android 11.

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The content of this dir is no longer visible with Android 11+ on the device:


So also the ASD is no longer visible with Android 11+, but the dir and files are there and accessible through your app.

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The last 10 posts were about the Private dir (internal storage), but this topic is about downloading to the ASD (→ external storage).

So I moved these posts to a new topic (“Write to Private dir”).

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I love this extension.
May we have more function like download to cache? or private folder?
and progress indicator telling us how much/percent downloaded?

and one more:
the new downloaded file will be renamed if same name file exist, and we don’t know what is the new name.

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The new Kodular update will come later this month. This will result in a number of drastic changes that affect, among other things, “Scoped storage”, AndroidX libs and Android 11 (targetSdkVersion = 30).

In this respect, all app developers who publish apps in the Play Store and all extension developers should urgently make appropriate adjustments.

The current version of this extension can no longer be used under AndroidX, but the AI2 version, which has already been adapted for AndroidX:

As soon as the Kodular update is done, I will upload the new extension.

Hello, thanks for the Great extension.

Can I download any file without giving notification in the notification bar with this extension?

Is there any quick method to upgrade to new extension?
Or I have to do it manually?

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Isn’t that quickly enough?

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In my case, it will take a lot of time.
Didn’t use Dynamic component :pensive:

Why should that take more than a few seconds?

And what does this have to do with dynamic component?

Now, I’m not sure how to change/update extension.
How do we change/update extension?

Open your app in Kodular, click in the Designer (top left) on “Import extension”, select the new version of the extension and import it. That’s all. As I said, this only takes a few seconds.

Note: However, you can only test this after the new update has taken place and Kodular has switched to AndroidX (because now Kodular is still using the Support lib).

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Hey can you update the extension? I tried using AI2 version but did not work.

Just done.

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