Extensions that use the Components View

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In the above Quote it mentions that you had fixed an issue for Extensions that use Layouts.

I have an Extension that sets a backgrounddrawable for the View of any standard Component.
It works correctly for Layouts and Labels but if I use it on a Button the app crashes when the Button is Clicked.

Is there something I/You could do to correct this?

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Our buttons use other drawables as app inventor does.
We do this that our users have always Material design on Buttons.

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My extension works as intended on AI and the other builders.

Because I only have this issue with Buttons, I’m guessing that the Animation/Shadow is causing the error with my extension.

I will try to find a workaround.

Thanks for the quick reply!

One more quick question, are you using View.setElevation() in Button.Click effect?

no and too set elevation have nothing to do with animations.

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I edited my previous post, I didn’t mean Android Animation I meant for the Button.Click effect.

We dont use Set elevation on Button click.
We use ripple drawables for Material ripple effect


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