[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Instead of button_shape put Shape

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Thanks, it worked. Where can I get a list of properties?

Use this block



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@Mr_PRAKASH_THUL please do not double post

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Hi everyone,
Is it possible to pass integer as parameter to template?
I’m trying to dynamically change the width of a div but I’m getting a runtime error "For input string: “88"”
Is there any way to make width dynamic?

The current version has this problem. Try to use Any Component.

Thanks. Yes, in that case i will have to use any component. I just prefer to use template when its possible :slight_smile:


The id in the template can also be used with GetComponent block.

I guess the problem is that when the user gets the data of 1st category then when 2nd category is chosen the old data is not removed. I am not sure but thought to help you.

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Yes, this problem is coming…

How can I solve it…


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I don’t know much but you can make a code to remove the older Dynamic Component in which you’re showing the text like your Shayari. This should solve the problem. :love_you_gesture:t2: :love_you_gesture:t2: @Mr_PRAKASH_THUL

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@msr79526 How can i create like this system…?

Hi @yusufcihan, you can tell me how to set corner radius a card view created dynamically, I can’t found how to do that.
Thanks in advance. Hug.

Which system?

Use Any Component -

Or use Set Property Block -



Thanks so much my friend !!!
I was stuck too many hours of work, sometimes my brain crashes !!!
:joy: :rofl:
Last and for Content Padding 4 corner I guess it’s the same, I’m going to try it.
Thanks a lot !!!

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How Can I make This System Using Dynamic Component Aix


I have a project where I used List view to receive data from Google Sheet and list. Then on Click the List elements are taken to the next screen. How to do this using Dynamic Components Extension? I have done the same work as done with List view extension using the Dynamic Components Extension. All worked well and it looked better as well. But when I click on the same, I am not able to get the values as I receive using list elements when used with List views. Can some one help. I am seeing the values, but, the received values does not seem as List form. How to ?

@yusufcihan , Or who can help
In this extension, how can I place a horizontal arrangement within another horizontal arrangement?

Thank you