[F/OS] Image Loader - Extension for image loading and caching

Hey @DevYB, I used your extension with dynamic arragement extension by @yusufcihan , but it’s not load image fast
Its also work with dynamic arrangement?

Show your blocks, please.

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:thinking:Can this extension be used with image listview or collintree listview ,if yes then how ?

This extension works only with image component.

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@DevYB Oo, means it not work with dynamic arrangement or listview.
If not then please can you make for listview as well

You can use it with dynamic image by using this extension: [FREE / Open Source] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component)

My question is it’s work with listview? Or Not?.
And if I used that asynchronous block for that dynamic arrangement then its work?

How many times I have to say it?


Ok, Thanks, yes but nice extension :+1:

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Very Silly Question,
But what is difference between - Disk and Memory Chaching.

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If you disable those , the extension will not cache and it will take more time to load images, so I advice to don’t disable them.

No not that
I wanted to ask what is Disk and Memory respectively reffered to.

Disk: storage.
Memory: volatile memory (RAM).


ThankYou Got It.
:heart_eyes: :heart:


Can you save images from caching to files?

I don’t understand, elaborate your question again.

He/She tried to say,
Download images which are cached

I think you meant get cache images. No, it’s not possible.

Download image in this extension, not with download component?

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I don’t understand…