Need help with devYB image loader extension

why does the photo choose to be smaller than the space given to it?? this is the largest it will be even though it has the ability to go bigger in width.

and BTW loading the url to the picture filles the width of the screen normally so I know I have the setup correctly is there something I need to know about how the extension works?

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Try using image utilities and see if same behavior occurs


I never knew this even existed :sweat_smile: just a sec

same thing…

Then most probably there is an issue in designer part

but the component is dynamic!

Post the procedure here or a test aia that replicates the problem

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there you go and thanks for the help
test.aia (46.4 KB)

i tried changing the URL, the image res, the placement of the photo, nothing works if I use image loaders, but whyyy

All the properties you set in dictionary blocks are wrong because you use spaces in properties names

For example

correct is

well… Actually you don’t have to it automatically removes them I have like 10 dynamic builds like this it all works correctly :sweat_smile:

BTW I just found a fix I just pre-loaded a pic with the same dimensions from assets and then used the image loader to change it and it now fills the width, probably some weird bug.

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