Images click problem

Look at tha picture,

Pictures are loaded. but why isn’t something coming on the label?

Hello @JB_Kamruzzaman ,
When using DevYBImageLoader to load images to a picture, the Picture property of the image will not be changed to the image path you loaded, it would be only changed if you have set the Picture property before. That’s why the label doesn’t display the image path.


Is it possible to display picture in in label, i dont think so…

Normally, the picture won’t display in the label but the path to it, specified by the Picture property.

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Thanks for your cooperation. Now what is the solution?

I just need image url

Here are some suggested solutions:
1- Store the image and it’s corresponding image URL in a dictionary, where the key is the image component and the value is the image URL. When you need to get the image URL given the image component, you can use the dictionary’s getValue block.

Another solution is to do the same as the above but instead of using Dictionaries use list of lists or two separate lists. When you want to get the image url from the list using the image component, you can use a similar block:


Thanks, but so many blocks are written for each photo​:disappointed_relieved:

You can ask @Mohamed_Tamer to share all the blocks which are draggable into the creator.

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Yes, Here are the blocks for the dictionary solution:


This logic will work certainly… apoly this method and try

I created the solution myself. This is the best solution, your solution is also good, but if you write a block according to that solution, it takes about 3 times more blocks, if I use this solution, I have to write five blocks. Anyway thank you so much for trying.

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