[F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros

can you tell me what is the valid input to decrease gap between them??

I was facing same issue, when 2nd time components are created they are overlapping to each other.

I was searching for the solution as this extension don’t have option to remove created components.

I got a solution, instead of creating the recycler in a fixed arrangement first create a dynamic arrangement using Dynamic component extension and then in the created dynamic component create your recycler, and when u want to create recycler second time then remove the dynamic components and create again.

This is useful when refreshing the recycler list. Sharing this for needy ones.


That’s what I thought at some point, but I thought it affected the performance of recycle as I saw a similar component that is based on combination of the dynamic extension and the recycle view extension and the performance was very laggy when putting more than 250 elements, I will try this solution that you are providing!

Thank you very much!
I’m the same xD but I got banned from google and deleted my email!

add smooth scroll seeting by level on scroll

Use 1.0.1 Version Recyclerview It Is Best Or No Lag No Bug This Version Very Smooth

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First, I used the image component and tried to display the title and subtitle at the top of the image component. But I am unavailable to do that. So, I tried the vertical arrangement component. It works fine. It’s showing the title and subtitle on the top of the vertical arrangement component. I set the image as a background. But when I tried the RecylerView Extension, it was not working.

Is there anyway to solve this problem?

Test.aia (215.5 KB)

how make chat scroll with smooth scroll?

Please help with this Question.

not download the latest version from github please provide latest version of this extension

Latest version are note be download from GitHub please provide me latest version

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How can I get text written in the text box using this extension?

How can i handle it with json?
Here is the json example.

I was use v1.0 and json tool.
Set count and get data using json tool.

In the latest version how can i define recycle list data from the JSON?

Use dictionary


Thank you.
So i need to extract all data from json store store is it Separately like name, description, url or store all the data in single variable? If store separately then which one should i set as recycle list view data
I’m little bit confused.

i like old extension but width -2 not work scroll not work if make chat dont have notfy insert… how solve that
“components”: [
“id”: “Card_View1_”,
“type”: “MakeroidCardView”,
“properties”: {
“ContentPaddingBottom”: 0,
“ContentPaddingLeft”: 0,
“ContentPaddingRight”: 10,
“ContentPaddingTop”: 0,
“CornerRadius”: 5,
“Elevation”: 1,
“Width”: -2

Dear developer

did ou miss clear data or clear list?

I want to create timer in recycler view, but I am facing problem in changing text of all lebels.

I have created my design using recycler view extension, now I want some way to get the specific component using unique id of the component. so that I can change it’s text using clock component.

If anyone knows how to do that please help me, tqq in advance

is poseble to create dynamic viewpager like swipe video player?

how can a display values that are only true or false in my google sheet table?