Facebook ads not showing

I have published one app two years ago on play store builded through Makeroid without ads. Now i have updated it with Facebook ads ( in kodular) and it is live on play store.

My app is approved to show ads by Kodular and Facebook Audience Network. It is receiving ad request but ads are not seen.

I have checked everything (blocks)and all is ok, still ads not showing.

Maybe your app is not interesting enough to show ads. What app are you talking about?

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It is an information based educational app. Have a look…

If everything is alright with your app then you have to ask Facebook i guess.

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As it looks, you have just updated your app with Facebook ads, wait awhile before complaining as it takes time



Ok i will wait and inform you, would this work or not.

Check this as well, Why ads are not loading/showing?


this is the error message. Anyone explain?

Is there anyone to help me :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::cry:

Yup it’s easy… for Banner ad you can only use banner placement id not native & other .

If you also show blocks, we can help

Thanks you so much, its working.
There was a little mistake from me that i was placed the native banner placement id for banner and got that error.

Now i have placed banner placement id and its working…thanks again :blush:.

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