Facebook ads problem

Hii created 2 apps. App got live in playstore and got approvel in Facebook audiance network. But still don’t show ads.It shows requesting ads in monetise manager…plz help

can you show block code where you used ads

Download your app from playstore…
If still your app not showing ads show your blocks & also check placement ids.

My app link

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I checked your app, ads are coming :heart_eyes:

you will not get ads for yourself, ask other users to check for you. as @Yasir_Shakoor said,

plz tell your android version

wrok only Android 9 ver.

btn click show adsblocks (1)

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When home initialize call facebook interstitial load ad…

When do load ad do call facebook interstitial show ad

I have remove the Facebook ads.and used Google admob.it is perfect work on my app.
Ads are shown…
Thanks for support…

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With these blocks interstitial ad pop ups many times.

I want to show interstitial ad once to the user when he opens app.

Use some logic & set it…

Logic can’t be applied to ad blocks as there are no other blocks to prevent load ad

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You can use global variable & set it zero… & when ads shows successful set it 1 & on screen initialize if global variable = 1 then don’t load the ad…


When the user has good internet speed then the ads are pop up one by one

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Now it’s on you… What I said try that…