Admob interstitial and rewarded ads not showing? Please help

I have created one application named as Loksewa Notes and MCQ Pratice.! After uploading in play store also, only banner ads are showing. Admob interstitial and rewarded ads are not showing. I have tried these two methods to call interstitial and rewarded ads.

AwesomeScreenshot-Kodular-Creator-2019-07-09-22-07-30 AwesomeScreenshot-Kodular-Creator-2019-07-09-22-07-38

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Hi, Suresh
welcome to community. Always search on forum before creating a topic.

where is call Admob interstitial Show ad
after load you have to show your ad by adding this block.


bro you are not use show ad option in interstitial ad look it use this block to show a interstitial ad ads

and one more thing before create a topic try to search or solve by yourself