Admob banner ads perfectly showing but not interstitial ads. Help?

So the matter is that the admob banner ads are perfectly showing in my app while testing through companion or downloading apk but not interstitial. At first interstitial were showing during test through companion but now it is not showing neither through companion nor in apk.

These are the blocks I use usually , I have searched a lot on community but did not find any solution.

You should only show a ad after it is really loaded

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I am not getting your point. Are you saying that I should show only 1 interstitial ad instead of 2 after it is loaded?

The point is that you dont use the blocks correct…
Use the community search function

But sir then why interstitial are showing while testing through companion.

You should use the event “Ad Loaded” to show the ads.
What is so hard to understand?
Why dont you use the search function? There you will find some topics about what you do wrong…

  1. Load ad
  2. When ad loaded > Show ad
  3. When ad failed to load > Do whatever you want
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This is what you are looking for:

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do that what Mika wrote you! nothing more, Neisor showed you the bocks what you need. You can show only one ad , not two or three or four. One ad if the ad is loaded. STop developing earning apps.

Sir I have done as you said but now both of the ads banner and interstitial are not showing.

Use the block when add fail to load and check what the error it show

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