Admob does not work

Is this problem just me or you too?
Interstitial Admob is working however the banner and video reward ad does not!
Actually the video reward ad works if you’re in test mode!
But out of test mode, only the interstital works!

Why create a new topic?
Have you searched first in the community for similar questions?
Btw I have build a apk with the Banner ads more then one time… And it was always working without problems.

Dont forget to Show what you have tried.
And if possiple ad too a apk.

Please Delete Custom Package Name if You Are Using. Admob Ads Working Fine.
Admob Interstitial , Banner , Video Reward Ads Are Working Fine For Me When I Delete My Custom Package Name:no_mouth:

The package name is empty, that is, it is default.
I have three types of ads in my app (banner, intestical and video reward), but the amazing thing is that only the interstices work!
The Admob account has 3 days, the codes are correct and the blocks are as well. I made a system to return the error when the ad was not loaded! The mistake that comes back to me is “ad not was fill”

This is a information that current are no ads available to show.
This is no component bug.

Sometimes helps a google search.

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