Facebook intertitals ads not show

facebook intertitals ads not show

Can you post your blocks?

ya all done banner is show

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so no bug?


Hello Everyone
actually fb interstitial ads are not working … what we can do anyone please tell me

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Im also facing same problem. Banner ads are showing but interstitial ads are not shown. Help me.

Placement id is correct.


When screen initialize
Call fb interstitial load ad

Don’t use usernames this way to get attention. Just be patient. Developers are doing this in their free time without getting paid for it.


from facebook ads should be in running state
interestial ads are approved after some time


After 4 hour it is still not showing.

In Facebook the interstitial ad is in Ready to publish state. But banner is well showing and it is in running state.

not working
amazon banner, amazon interstitial
in test mode

Please tell us more about the issue.
We won’t be able to help if you aren’t specific.

The issue is that the facebook interstitial ads not showing but banner ads are showing.

Please fix this.

My app is almost ready, Thanks Makeroid! Im unable to publish my app because,
Im stucked due to interstitial ad.

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Could you use AdMob Interstitial while we work on this?

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My AdSense is already suspended do i cant use it more. So im trying with Facebook ads!

If you were banned because your app was an earning app, probably your Facebook Account will get banned too


No im not building earning app. I dont make such apps for earning purpose. Im developing career guidance app.

AdSense account was suspended due to invalid activity. This is another issue.

Then you can appeal the ban providing good reasons, and your account will get unblocked

Yes i have already appealed and waiting for response.

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Hiii can you please help me .
i just want to ask some questions related to fb ads

Why not just ask them?