Facing problem with Exoplayer

Hi kodular team,I am your new use i m going to crate a one simple app.i have taken one exoplayer component with one .mp3 asset file by using a single play pause button.while i am installing this .apk file in my phone lenevo k8 note.the palyer not start shows error massage like this

  1. Hello :v:
  2. Where are your blocks?
  3. What is the question?!
  4. The message tells you already whats wrong


please give me a solution with block coding what actual going wrong with while playing

exoplayer%20play%20_pause%20with%20single%20button%20slider%20block volume%20slider

button play pause image changes but music not start eith above screenshot error

Show all relevant blocks, especially those where “Current Position” is used.

Did he even set the source file, since it is not playing


Actually already use clock timer for my music slider thumb position to move asper music current position Untitled

You probably forgot to disable the clock in the designer?

but sir when i upload my .mp3 music file in exoplayer component as a source after that companion test it automitically invisible means not loaded in companious shows above error. and i am continuously trying to upload same file but after companion test it is not show in my asset folder …is it my all above blocks are correct or not

exoplayer%20play%20_pause%20with%20single%20button%20slider%20block Untitled volume%20slider

How big is your file


only 6.29mb of size

but sir same blocks i am using in thunkable for tiphun player with same music file upload in asset folder but there is no any issue its palying very properly after apk installation
but thunkable not provide me that much features that i getting in kodular so i make same projest in kodular please help me

Try this:

exoplayer_test.aia (2.0 MB)

Does it work for you?

but i want to use single button for play and pause action

What difference should that make?