Facts app (Modern look + some advance features)

Facts app

You can use this app to make facts app, status, shayari app, etc. No paid extension is used in this app. I have used airtable to load this data.

You will see 3 options in text list options

  • First one will tell you which fact, status, shayari you have already seen. This check mark will turn green if seen already.
  • Second one for bookmarking.
  • Third one for copying.

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Home screen

Two different types of design to show text, you can choose one of them

Showing facts, shayari, status, etc in full screen (You can change color of the background with 1st button)

Two different style of exit popup, you can choose anyone of them

Price =

550 OR $ 9 [Price is little high in $ because of the high fee took by Paypal]

App Store/Download link:

This is my client’s app = Play Store

NOTE: In case of any doubt or if you find any bug or if you want me to make an app for you :stuck_out_tongue:, then please dm me :slightly_smiling_face:


In my device :point_down:

  1. If the text is longer, then it is getting trimmed

  2. The symbols are getting trimmed.

  3. The fact listing screen looks very much plain. Try to add some colors to it.

  4. I don’t know why you guys keep ads on the place like after click event.
    For example, in your app when we click any fact, suddenly an ad pops-up. Whenever any user clicks something, he/she is expecting to see the content related to the click and not any ad. This is my personal view

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I have to look into this design issue.

Link which I shared is not my app. That’s my clients app, he wants it like this :sweat_smile:

Also in my device

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I will make it right soon

I think you have to set text to fill parent to height and width

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