FAIL: Video download & copy (FaifunFile / DownloadToASD)

I can’t move or copy MP4 files after download.
Although they are downloaded to ASD, the “DownloadCompleted” block is not executed.
It works fine with images, but not with videos.

Try this, and let me know if there is any error.

Perfect my friend, same procedure, just change the component and it worked. thank you

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alternatively I have to use a percentage comparator to know the end of the download.

Are you starting multiple downloads at a time?

not just a click event, as seen in the blocks.

in red it counts the times that “Download Success” is executed

Can you send a test aia file to reproduce the issue.

I will try.

does not contain more than the blocks of the image

download.aia (22.6 KB)

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I have fixed the issue, try with latest aix and let me know if it works.

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Yes, it works perfectly, thanks for your work and collaboration.


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