Failed resolution of : lcom/google/android/gms/safetynet/safetynet;

Have you removed Firebase Auth component?

Could you please post the correct model steps blocks for the aulth firebase, from FSA?

The only different thing is initialisation.
For that you will find all the required credentials in google-services.json file.

After adding the FSA extension, my app started to close by itself simply because I went to another screen, and I spent days analyzing why it was returning a class error of some incompatibility with GoogleMaps that was on another screen, but only if I was with "Call Google Maps .Enable My Location Enable, in Map is Ready, which I need to leave activated, then I have to choose, either I use the FSA Login or the My Location Method. Both together in the App are not possible!
blocks google

It is possible.
Pm me apk with Google maps.

I Used FSA extension but app automatically closed on open

Ok, that’s amazing to know.
I am sure I can’t help without knowing what other components you are using.
FSA isn’t made for Kodular so there might be several components which don’t work well with it.
Google Maps is one of them.

I am having this error while login How can I fix it :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears:, plz help me

Try to let the user sign in with a Phone Number
Firebase Authentication