Failed to compile

Hello a couple of days ago I got this error:

Server Error: Failed to compile. Please try again later!

This app currently has 50 pages with mp3 and does not allow compiling to verify errors before continuing.

Now, I tried another app with only two screens and there is no problem creating test apk, how to solve?


50 pages means 50 screens?
how many mp3 files did you upload into the project?


yes 50 screens
at the moment 50 mp3 files, but it is an audiobook, there are a total of 500 screens

Your app has total 500 screens. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Do you know if you add more than 10 screens then your app with start showing some errors.
It is recommended to use only 3-4 Screen in your app.


If now thinking I think it is crazy :thinking:, delete everything and start over, I think the solution may be to create a website and link it with a web viewer to the app