Favorite with airtable and colintreelistview

It would be nice to show what changed in the code so someone can be also helped if needed

I await the new code and I will put the changes as soon as I receive them.


Try this.

You have to create one more list view to show favourite list in that list view.

Here i have used Kodular inbuilt list view.

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it doesn’t work.I don’t get an error message, but a white screen when I go to favorites.
moreover I am not Kodular inbuilt list view.

in the favorites block if I put arragement1 true and arrangement 2 false, I get the number of my selection.but when I click on the extra button I have the first radio that works. ???

Try to see your solution in this thread

Wait, did you added extra list view to show favourites? Show blocks.

And the extra button of colin list view has problems. Don’t use extra button.

yes i have 2 list of colintreelist view.
I put listview and I get the number corresponding to the line and clicking on it does not work

it works, but I have neither name nor icon

You have to save title of the list item not number.

Can u show updated blocks.

If you try to understand the blocks in this conversation you will definitely get your Ans if you want to copy that it won’t work for you there is same thing what you want when you click on first list list item will be added to another list which you can store in tinydb and show to your next screen and if you want to remove any item from favourite even that blocks also available you just need to understand and apply accordingly how you need it should be

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I no longer know what I did it no longer works.
I have: select list item cannot accept the arguments

Can u show the blocks?

can we put icons in listview as in colin?

here it works !!!
I just have one problem, it is that the name to register corresponds well, but not the station (when I register nashville in the favorites, nashville appears well in the list of the favorites, but the station does not correspond)

Along with the name of the station text also store corresponding source by using make a list block and when clicked on favourite list item get the source.

If you want share your aia. I try to fix it

Check the marked spots I think there is some problem

I think I found the problem, it comes from after picking list view, and I don’t know how to solve it.