[Feature Request] Border Color for Buttons

I want to set the border color for the button
Like this

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Create a whie image or transparent background image with a border, size h48xw88.

Import it as an asset and then use it as your template.

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I konw it maybe can make sence, but it really not easy. If I want change its color, I need to draw again.


The problem with the border option, is that when you have custom images, you need to do an image modication function on he existing image to draw the border.

So I guess they would have to do a check to say that the border option is only available if image is not set for button.

This is something that would be best tested as an extension I would think. Hows your Java :slight_smile:

Actually, with a little workaround, you can do something like this:

Below the main blocks and design settings:


If you have many buttons it is better to “abstract” (I do not know if it is the right word in English) blocks in a separate procedure


@Mika i want this

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