[Feature Request] Search bar in app title

  • Yes, I want.
  • No, i don’t want, i can make it

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You don’t need to open a poll, as people who want this feature are supposed to vote.
I think with a little research and designing, everyone can make such a searchbar. Maybe the title won’t have shadow.

This feature is most useful in apps, i know some people can make it. But we want a feature so that it would be easy to create.

Once you create it, you can easily recreate it any time.

I’m trying to create it from last 1 month, but i’m failed to create. Can you help me?

PIeces needed.

! horitzontal Arrangment,
One vertical arrangment.
Two images,
One Text Input.

Thats all you need.

I know, but what i have to do in blocks?:kissing:

You should think about logic things…
A search method is not complex… It’s just looks in a database or whatever if your entry exists or equals to any of the user input…


show this

Why don’t you guys understand? i know how to make custom title bar, i know how to add icons in title, But the question is that How to make a searchbar that can be use to filter sites in my app:sweat::cry::cry:

A search bar is based on a title bar, isn’t it?
Try to make a text box in title bar wich suits for you.

Yes, We want this feature.

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