Fetching airtale column data separately

Hello, kodular community,

I am stuck at one place I want to fetch data from airtable, and I have fetched a column from the airtable but the data I am getting is in one-row mixed-up. Please help I want to separate it

Values are in a list

Use Select list item blocks

like this

blocks - 2022-03-01T152400.096

Also I believe you should use image component to show images because labels show the url

but I want them to appear separately in a text label mean kind of a loop

I have tried it shows nothing

i want it to be as looped @Decoder_360 like get image from airtable and loop it in vertical scroll arrangement

You can use dynamic compinents extension and create images dynamically depending the lenght of list

can you tell me how? i am little un familiar with this @dora_paz an you tell me how? i am little un familiar with this @

Post your test aia here

@dora_paz i have purchased a card view extension it gets job done but problem is my image is different sizes its shows only in standard format like 1920x1080, that’s why

Then if it is a paid extension contact the developer to help you

if you want to load image dynamically using loop you can use Dynamic Component Extension For Creating Listview

Eg Like This

blocks - 2022-03-01T153346.117
blocks - 2022-03-01T153341.941

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NO, I WANT TO CREATE IT MYSELF NOW IT’s a headache, I just want to get images from airtable column and show it like scroll FEED, like social media. can’t just give me demo link to the thing or just a demo block for me to understand

ok sure let me try it

You Can Also Check this

If you want to create custom list view (loop)


No need to shout, use :mag: as @Decoder_360 did for you

oh really sorry i dint saw the caps lock was on really sorry i am not shouting

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Also make sure that images url’s are visible in a browser


Nothing is appearing on the screen