FileTools : Some tools to work with files

That’s is why I want Kodular to remove/not ask permission if user wants to write to ASD or read from ASD and assets.

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Please Help …

I need to copy a file from




I already used the following tools but couldn’t get what I need:

  • Taifun tools extension to get available storages
  • File component to copy (failed)
  • Taifun file extension ( Access denied) although I have permssion READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
  • Files tools extension ( get nothing copied and no response)

so what would be the correct pathes and what tools should I use?

thanks in adance

Hi @drpeterramsis2007
Can you show your blocks?

see here


as workaround you might want to use


Thanks, but I was the one who gave the idea to @vknow360.

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Would it work with copy async block?

Programmatically not possible since Android 4.4 / KitKat.

Btw, what path is that:


Should be

 file:///mnt/sdcard/ or

Good night its extension is quite good, only that in version 3 these 3 components existed, and in version 8 they no longer exist

Hi @erick_aldo_nogales_sangal Welcome to Kodular Community

Thank you for using FileTools in your project :heart_eyes:

I am sorry for that.There were bugs in older version so I had to fix them and I found some methods redundant so I removed them.
But if you want then you can still download older versions because very soon I will post older version’s aix file here :slightly_smiling_face:

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‘FileListAsync’ is providing whole path for each file. Is there any way to get only name of each file as a list?

Example - /mnt/sdcard/Download/ Living in the Light.pdf (Currently getting this)
********** But I want to get this for each Item of list Living in the Light.pdf

*****It can be done with SPLIT & INDEX process. But!!

But??? :thinking:
That’s the only way.

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You can try this
its working

another approach taken from the Jukebox example here App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps

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What is the directory for both onboard and expandable storage of a device? I have used file:///mnt/sdcard/ but it’s only working for onboard storage. Do I have to read expandable storage separately with the help of another directory or is there any other combine directory to read whole device storage(onboard and expandable)?

It does not work on all devices.
Try using /storage/emulated/0/

Please elaborate this more.

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/storage/emulated/0/ :point_left: this is for device onboard(internal) storage & /storage/82C3-E96C/(NOT WORKING) :point_left: is for expandable(removable micro SD card) storage So Do I have to read both storage separately with the help of different directories or is there any other combine directory to read whole device storage(internal and micro SD card)?

I think you have to use different directories to read different storage directories.
I can be wrong because I have no knowledge of modern storage structures.
So you have to wait to get correct answer.

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See here:

and here:

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Goal : Extraction of data from both internal and micro SD card(If expandable storage is available)

*** Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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