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Hello. I am writing with google translate. :slightly_smiling_face: How can I make 3 lists to move simultaneously. So for example, when we group two photos in Photoshop, they move together.

There is a “filter code” I searched and found on the forum (). These codes filter the elements in the 1st list as I want. I’ve been able to do so until now. I couldn’t bring the other lists.

Here is the part I couldn’t do:
list1 (Name): Alice, John, Joseph,
List2 (Age): 33, 34, 35
List3 (Gender): Female, Male, Male

When I type “Jo” in the text box I will search, I want list 1, list 2 and list 3 to be as follows.

Name Age Gender
John 34 Male
Joseph 34 Male

The codes I use are as follows.

Name Age Gender
John 33 Women
Joseph 34 Male
35 Male

I hope I was able to explain my problem. I am waiting for your help.

Use this extension to search anything in the list.

After you get the search result, by using the index of searched item from the name list you can get age and gender of respective name.

Ex. If you search John then get the index of John name from name list by using index of thing block.

It will return index 2, then by using this index you can get age and gender by using select list item with index block.


How to find the index of the searched item from the list of names. For example, when I write “Jo”, John and Joseph will appear. John index 2.Joseph index 3. This is how do I get different indexes. I just couldn’t make the codes.

You can also do a selection by clicking on list item.

When searched list item clicked get index of selected list item from name list.

Thank you. :hugs: I think I could. However, when there are 2 with the same name, it brings the data of one. I’ve attached the codes and screenshot.

To get the indexes of two same items from a list, when you get index of first item then you need to replace first item from list and get index of 2nd item.

Logic is bit complex but it works.

Refer this guide, I did same things in this guide:

Thanks looking at the codes you made, I tried to do it. It finds it when you enter the full name in the text box. Example finds when I type “John”. However, when I type Jo, the Age and gender lists remain blank. I guess this will be my last problem, sorry.
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