List view search element

is it possible to search element in list from textbox
in list view we have show filter option…
but i want to search test from text box

See this:


but searching in a filter option is much easier way then searching in textbox
according to me

but the location of filter option is fixed
how to change filter box location
like bottom filter box

i get it bro

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Can you please expplaun me this, i read it and i dont understand that.
I have a image list veiew with more as 4000 elements and i need a search function for the user. I load the list with web component and a api with json tree. If a user clicks on a element a new api get call will start and load again with a json tree he data in a variable wich iill used for the next list. If the user clicks in the second list on a element, the third API Get call will start for a third list.
From each list i need the Index to take a string from a vairable to complete the URL for the API Get Call with Web Component.
So it is important for the Search function that i get the same index as the original list has for that element and dont give me the Index of the showing search ist.
I can work with a subtitle too if that is not possible but this will give the List Items a bad look because i have to place that String in the Subtitle which i dont want bc of the bad design, if it is not possible to give me the same index ad the searched item has in the full List.

I saw the List from Taifun with Jquery and search function, where the list is loaded in the web viewer, but i dont understand how i can work forward with that solution to get the Index or subtitkle out of the Webviewer and i dont like that solution and it costs money too. for something what iwill used only for that first list of 3 lists.
I hope you can explain it to me in a better way bc as i toldm theese 2 Images i dot understand.
Or you could send me the aia file to import that blocks.

It would also be nice to have a search component/option in the Buidler integrated.

Thank you for that.