Problem with my blocks for searching in a ListView with Image

Hello everyone, could anyone help me trying to fix this?

I’m implementing a search in my App, it’s almost working everything fine,except for some links I’m not being able to retrieve. When the list is created and I select any item fr,it works fine,it opens my other screen and get the proper infos for each item I click.

My problem starts when I input a text in my textbox to search for an item… the search list creates but when I click any item the only results I get properly are for Image, Tittle and Subtittle…

For example:

If I click on the 1st link from the new searchList, it returns the right name, tittle and subtittle for that item, but the results for Link and Icon is the same as if I was selecting the first item from its Global Variable.

Please, have a look at my blocks:








I’ve been trying to fix it looking through this topics, but I really had no succes:

They are closed and I didn’t know if I should leave comment or not, that’s why I created this new one. I’m sorry if I did it wrong.

I’ll be glad if anyone could help me.
Thank you all in advance!

Get item is not an index.

Yeah, I was checking it all over and I noticed that. I’ve changed the blocks but another problem is that it’s not matching the search properly… It’s not finding all results. It just finds the first item from the list, please have a look at what I’ve changed:

Thank you so much for ur help!

Edit: Actually it’s seems not to be working (I though it was).
The way I rearrenged, I had this impression because it was deleting all itens above index 14 but the new list was with same index from 1 to 14… Don’t know why…

There must be an index or id to relate the items in the search list to their original list.

Your solution is almost ready, there is little left.

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I’ve got the solution and it’s in these blocks I corrected:

Since my lists are all related to each other, they all have the same index and size…
Then I just indexed the Global Link and Icon to the Image List…

Thanks to @Boban for some topics I’ve seen and he was always there to make me think about my problem.
And thanks to @Rogerio_Rios who gave me some advices to follow and to think about.

Thanks to this Community; <3

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