If text contain in list thsn get position of contain text

If i write some text in textbox than i click search button so if the text contain in list than i want the position of contain text.
But how.
I mean if textbox text match with list item than i want to get the position

Please read the documentation

Use Is in the list thing —> tells you the text present in a list or not

Use Index is in the list thing —> tells you the position of the text in the given list

I think you can’t understand my question i explained in detail
for example
I have a list
In list for example i add


Now when i write “Pakistan” in “contain text” block
Than when i click button than it should check if “Pakistan” word contain in list 1 than show me the position of pakistan from list.
If possible than please make blocks

JVtest.aia.zip (2.4 KB)

Rename the file and remove .zip at end before importing to builder.

Explained in previous post. The only way is how to handle the blocks…

To know the position, you must use Index in list block only…

No need of blocks, it is just a logic. As i said earlier, you must use two if else

If it contains then get index…


Thanks for help me.
But using this method we need to write same to same text as contain in list and if we add just a space than it will not found the item from list.

Now i want when i write “Pak” or “tan” or pakista" etc… than it will show “Pakistan” index but how
If i use listview component and enable Filter option than it will work but before search any thing it show index like
“Pakiatan” “index1”
“India” “index2”
“USA” “index3”
But when i search “India”
Than it should show “index2” but this showing me “index1”
Can you solve it ?

attach your sample aia rather than in words

Test.aia (201.9 KB)

If i write same to same word that contain in list than it show index but if i write half word than it can’t show the index.
Please help me to make this kind of search view

sorry my companion disconnected immediatly after making connection with your aia… Do not know the exact reason… So pls wait for someone to test your aia…

Edit: It is due to missing of read and write permision… Now i am able to access… But listview showing different language, here what i want to go for search???

Different lang… I don not know pak lang

Yes companion disconnection problem due to write permission not exist.
Yes i now i used local language but you can add some list in English language and try to test than i will add list again in local language

test the screen2

Tes(1).aia (204.4 KB)

Thanks but if there are same word of two item than ?

If two items are same then first one only will trigger

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I have a question for example
if i have a word in list like
“India vs pakistan match”
Than if i search this word same to same than its showing correctly.
But is it possible if i write “India pakistan match” or India vs match" in search view than it show me this item from list. ؟

I mean if i don’t write word same to same in textbox than its also show me the related item from list

Edited :
Anyone can help me by making blocks

Actually the easy way is you also create tag list for matches with the keywords user will mostly search.

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