Filter to search values in Firebase

Hello community,

In my app, users add their skills according to a list (example: programmer, web designer, app developer, …) in firebase that values are saved with “yes” or “no”. In the sign up and profile page we have a list of checkboxes, after selecting them, we verify if the checkbox is checked or no. If positive, it saves a “yes” on firebase, in the right “column”. (better explanation below)

In my app I need a “search” page, so I will have something like radio buttons, with the specific skills and, after choosing one, we will search in the firebase for the users that have “yes” in that skill.

My name is Carolina, I am a programmer, I am not a web designer and I am an app developer.

In firebase, the tag will be my name (CAROLINA) then we will have ‘yes’ (programmer), ‘no’ (web designer), ‘yes’ (app developer).

Another random user is looking for an app developer, so he will go to the search page, select the “App developer” radio button and then Search.

I need to search in firebase the users that have “yes” in the 3rd value (app developer) and then show the list of users (tags) that have that skill to the person who’s searching.

I have searched for a lot of tutorial and help here but I couldn’t find anything that helps me in what I need.

I understand how it works, but I don’t know how to make it work, please help me with this!

i have an idea plz can u show some of related blocks

How do you organize the data in firebase? How is the structure of the database?
Searching for values in firebase depends on how the database is organized. And then each search criteria you do by setting the projectBucket where you want to search for that data.
What have you done?
What’s wrong with what you did?

I found the solution, adapting one tutorial from Youtube, here is the link: #Kodular | FIREBASE + LISTVIEW + SPINNER Criar APP Kodular - Thunkable - App Inventor - YouTube

Thank you anyway!! :slight_smile:

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