Find and Replace Multiple Text in Result Block

I have recently asked a similar question here. The suggested answer was for the DO block.

I want to replace multiple parts of text but in a RESULT block, because there is no block for “For each Item in the list” in the result. How can this be achieved?


Try this Replace multiple text quicker - #2 by Still-learning or this Replace multiple text quicker - #6 by Still-learning

I have asked that question as well. But here I am facing another problem.

Oh!!! Well what is your problem?

I want the replaced text in a RESULT block, so that it can be used as input for some other procedures. Your last example helped in adding it in a DO block.

May be i am week to understand your query…

Yoir first list items are replaced by second item so every month name are replaced by numbers then what else you are expecting

Couldn’t get it

Think of it like a sentence. Like it will change “Today is 04 Jan, Tomorrow is 05 Feb” to “Today is 04 01, Tomorrow is 05 02”. Your previous example changes the item in the list.

Tinkering around with previous solution, I am able to get it right this time. It seems that I was missing the DO Result block. Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

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