Find one item how many repeatation in list

Is there any extension to find one particular item (int. or text) how many time repeated in a list?

1, 2, a, x, 2, b, a, 5, a - is a list


Item ‘2’ repeated 2 times and ‘a’ repeated 3 times

Plz provide if any extension

No extension needed, just use the for each number block and a counter.

I have 2 milion data in a list, if i use that block app stuck and stop

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wrong platform to assess that amount of data ! :wink:

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Sorry but I’m using that amount of data with that amount of list with leaderboard accessing in the same time but no problem is found

Thnx for your information

Where is your 2 million data - on every device ?

On my database

Then it is there that you run the query and return the result to your app.


Extension ?

Use a Select SQL command with Group by …


It will only be possible if…

your database is SQL Relational …and of course, if your database was designed correctly.

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