How to compare list

how to compare list 1 and list 2? For example, in the global number list, the main list is 10 and 20. Then we will match the data in the global number2, if one of the lists is the same as the global number, then the value 1 will be added to the global total. Likewise, if the two lists are the same, the nominal global total will be 2.

Did You try use List Index ?

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is this what you mean?

I will try

Yes , use this index is in the list along with for each number loop block. You will get the logic ,if you combine both

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thanks everyone for the help. i have done it successfully

So here you are just counting how many duplicates present between the lists and not getting that values… ok ok. This is good.

If you use for each number block you will get the common values between the two list

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yes, i just want to count how many duplicates there are among the list. thanks for the help

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ok thanks for the advice

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