Find similar rows in a table

Hello help, how can I compare records

I add records to the table, then I want to check if there is a record similar

this block only finds the first record


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What happens when you use Do it to see what are the values returned? What does the data look like that you put in the TinyDB?

I put data in a table

If there is a record, the button should be active, if not, then it should be disabled

Where is the table here? All are seems to be saving in tinydb

yes is saved in tinydb, and then output to a table

So it is better to check up whether the new tag is present in the all the tags or not. .

tell me how please


In the event of button click to save into tinydb,
Use one varaible to catch tag the tag.
And use one if block + Is in the list .

So it will tell you whether the tag is existing or not. If it exists the as you said enable the button else save the values into tinydb

this block works only with the first record in the tables, (finds only the first record

the button turns on only with one found entry

could you tell me, since i’m newbie

share your demo aia, i mean the point untill you create the table alone…

unfortunately I can only show the blocks, the whole project, I can’t, since I’m only testing functions, there’s a lot of unnecessary things,

Try this

tableview.aia (21.7 KB)