Firebase add file error

I have a problem adding values ​​to a list on firebase

I tried to use the directions of

The problem is that it overwrites instead of adding to the list.

In effect it creates the empty list and adds the first file
but then overwrites instead of adding

these are the blocks and this is the database where am I wrong?due tre

Please Reread the Guide.
Look at the blocks.
Understand how they work.
Test the blocks that do create tag in the database.
Test the blocks that exchange the content of tags that already exist.
Make an effort.
The guide on Firebase is very good.

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in fact that’s what I did but I just can’t figure out where am I wrong can you help me?

Firebase overwrites data if you try to store value in a tag that already exists in firebase. You’ve to use different tags to store a new record.

Conclusion : You can’t have duplicate tags in firebase.

Thanks Asim but then how is it possible to insert the data in a list? for example images?

You can not add same child datas in the Parent tag… But you can use different child tag and add it under the same Parent tag.

with append value you cn append vlue some tag

Since you allready asked about that problem why did you opened a new topic?

Hi I’m sorry but i try in other mode