Firebase Auth. Email Verification

Hi Koders,
This is Kshitij. Does anyone know any process through which I can verify email addresses of users? I searched community but not got my result.
I want to send a mail when the user clicks a button.
The email should have a 5 digit number that should be entered in my app in order to activate account and set a password for the same email.
Please tell me how can I do this…

Here is how to do it using the REST api


Actually, I do not understand this method.
But Thanks, @TimAi2 :thumbsup:

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You use a web component. Further detail here:

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Hi guys,
After a lot of research on different platforms, I found what I needed for my project…
Tutorial Link
Thanks to @pixiibomb for this wonderful tutorial. I used IFTT for the same.
Thanks, each and everyone who helped me in this issue…

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