Firebase auth not working (solved)

I made a login function with firebase auth, and if you are logged in, you will be sent to the home page. But my problem is, It worked on companion, but when I download the apk, it can’t detect if you are logged in. Can someone tell me why?

Could you show your blocks?

sure I will

the upper one is the register page while the below one is the splash page

I recommend you to add a login block too. If the user is are already registered, he will can’t login

I have a login block in the register page

That’s is strange. Your blocks are correct… Maybe it’s a bug… Could you send me the APK to try it?

Project_A002 (2).apk (6.8 MB)

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I can register on it. It’s work

emm thats weird

cause it dont work to me, when I open the app, it just send me to the home page.

And what do you want?

wait, I think I figure it out. I deleted the account with the firebase website. So it may be the reason.

I think yes :sweat_smile::joy:

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