Problem using Firebase Authentication Is Signed in block

Hi, friends. Here I am with a probably simple problem, but I am trying to solve it by myself since abou 4 hours ago and I can’t find the problem. I will be very grateful if someone can help me.

I am trying to check if user of the app i signed in using Firebase Authentication component, and if he is, the app must retrieve his Firebase User ID. The problem is: The CURRENT USER FAILED or CURRENT USER SUCCESS are not being called after I use GET CURRENT USER block.
See my relevant blocks:

I thought the IS SIGN IN block was not working, so I tested it in an empty project, and it is working just fine, but in my main project it doesn’t work and I can’t figure out wy.

PS: I am not testing it in Companion, the tests are being made in apk (what is a huge problem since I take almost 10 minutes to export, download, install and test the apk because my computer, smartphone and internet are terrible).

PS 2: If someone wants to test the apk, here it is:
baugadoCantinaSideneiaeCesar (1).apk (9,2,MB)
Just click in ENTRAR button, then use this data to sign in:
Email: [email protected]
password: pablo123
Don’t worry, this is just a temporary email and password. It will be deleted as soon as I solve this problem.

Then you close the app and open again, the blocks in the first screenshot are in INITIALIZE SCREEN so the notifications should appear as soon as the app is open.

If someone wants I can PM with the aia.