Firebase Authentication, Get current user function not working

I have issue with using the Firebase Authentication component.
In my case, when I use the “Get Current User” function on Screen Initialization I don’t get any data, when I use it on button click I get wanted data.

In this case the Label 1 text stays with the default value.

And in this case the Label 1 text is populated with user data.

Also I want to mention that in both cases, the “Is Singed In” value is true.

I think your problem is that when screen initialize, the Firebase Authentication component is not ready yet. Try using a timer for like 1-2 seconds then call it, just enough time for it to get ready. Also, display a progress dialogue in the meantime so that users know the app is still working and is not frozen.

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Yes this fixed my problem. I added only 4 seconds (4000 ms) of waiting with the Clock component.
Thank you.

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