Firebase Authentication Component Return Value Missing (Token ID)

The Firebase Authentication component of kodular is good . But Its does not return Token ID value (Their is no option for that) it’s only return User ID. So that we can not secure our Firebase database with Firebase Rules.
“rules”: {
“.read”: “auth != null”,
“.write”: “auth != null”
Please go through the below picture to understand

Yes bro we want that feature in kodular.
Kodular should implement this in blocks.


Yes, we want this feature to secure our data.

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Please Kodular Give This Feature .

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We can work with web component, tahn you can work with that and with a second extension and you db is safe. but atm with the given component it is not possible and if you have set you db to auth you will get each time a error in the screen after the screen was loaded that your permissions are denied.
That makes not a good look in the app and as you told you cannot make your database safe. The given auth component is only for sign up user but not to make the db safe. We all hope that we get that feature in the next update.

But again as i told there are extensions out there to make the database safe but you have to pay for it 15 or 20 dollar and than you need a second extension, than you can use auth to write and read only
in the db.
Maybe there is a other way with our components to work with but i dont know it and i didnt read anything about that Before we have that possibiliy not i cannot publish my app bc i want to make my app GPDR comply. I safe userdata in FB and nobody should can read the db. This could be expensive for me if someone recognize that and tell this a lawer.
In austria it it not easy to publish apps. If you want to go in prison or if you want to be bankrupp than you can do it but i dont want that so i have to make my app GPDR comply.

Phillips bro, I already made a with firebase security. For firebase permission denied you need to set firebase go offline block on screen initialize after setting the token use firebase go online block, then that error will not be show.

Watch the video if you can understand hindi :

But I can’t do it with google login so I need that in kodular component.

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It is as i told you need a second extension for that.

A new method will be added to get the id token in next major release.