Firebase authentication login problem after publishing playstore

Everything works fine when i installed from kodular. But after publishing playstore, i can’t login or can’t any account using firebase authentication.
Can anyone please help me to solve this problem.
App link- PlayStore Link


Add your app singing key to your firebase console from Google Play console

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Now you can’t Deny that it’s a Earning App.
it’s a GK App.

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where to add app signing key into firebase? I added SHA-1 fingerprint.

Its mainly focus on general knoweldge who want to play quiz and learnt. And minor part user may take gift for playing quiz.

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You need to add SHA from playstore too. There are many topics on this. You can search it out.

Which one i will add? SHA-1 or SHA-256?
I added SHA-256, but not working.

And i can’t put SHA-1 into firebase.

Try reimporting the json from firebase once. Dont need to. Mine started working as soon as i got the firebase linked to playstore.

same problem.