Firebase authentication re-login not working?

I am having a bit of trouble with a re-login on Firebase authentication. (Using google login)

First time I login everything works fine.
Then I click the logout button. (It states I logged out)

When I try to login again the Google login popup get’s closed immediately. Am I doing something wrong? Blocks below

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I just tested, and it works as expected. When relogging in with Google, the window will immediately close, and that’s expected. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll be logged in with the account you used earlier. :slight_smile:

Used this for testing:

Firebase Authentication Template

Hm okay - but what if I want to login with a different user?

You’d have to reinstall the app or clear its data.

Hm that’s a bit annoying. Is there no workaround to switch users directly in the app?

I don’t think there is. :sweat_smile: