Firebase component stoped working, which was working fine yesterday in a published app but it is not getting data from firebase

Firebase component has stoped working. Before that it was consuming lots of data (500 GB for 15 minutes use for a user)(50GB firebase bandwith for very low data for only 200 users per day ). total data base size in not more than 2 MB. Please help me…I am in big trouble.

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Change database to mysql with best hosting its cheap and make script for usage

Check you Monthly usage limit .
Its possible you have by passed you free limit.

{Sugesstion : If you want to use firebase then buy their plan because free plan hase many limitations , or shift to some other database }

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be specific ! Do you use firebase authentication ?


No I Don’t. I just use firebase for data storage(only text data, no images or videos or audio). firebase component it using lots of data form users phone and bandwidth form Firebase. Help me plz

I have written 500 GB for a user that is wrong. Its 500 MB in 15 minutes.
and I have tried with a new app and with same Firebase project. In this project I used only one firebase component to get a user info of maximum 150 words. and only this much usage cost me more then 3 mb data in one time. 3 mb is the total size of my data base. Its also using 10time extra firebase bandwidth. how is it possible? I think kodular firebase component has some bug which use extra data… Is it possible ?

If you doubt so , then try with FB extention

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