Firebase Data Not Get ( Vi Idea Internet)

I don’t get firebase data when I open apk using (VI idea internet), but I get firebase data when I switch my internet to jio.

Only Loading See image :point_down:

I think there is a problem with VI internet similar problem -

Please Solution Vi Internet Not Get Firebase Data

Welcome to the community. I believe this has nothing to do with Kodular but with your internet provider. Better report it to Firebase Team

I know it’s not kodular problem, but firebase component is used by everyone kodular user, so something has to be done to fix this problem.

As I said this is a problem with your internet provider and firebase. Report the problem to both of them. Kodular has nothing to do with it

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thanks for suggesting.

:heart: Kodular

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it also happend to me. i copied database url and pasted to firebase url property and it worked (for me)

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