Firebase real-time database not working

I have 2 internet connection 1.Vi
In airtel internet the firebase database is working well, but In Vi internet firebase database not working I have checked in 2-3 mobiles in Vi internet my firebase database not working, I have checked url and token multiple times but everything is okay and in vi internet phone when I connect to the any vpn the firebase database is working please solve my problem.

I do not think so
Maybe your vi has network issue

Can you show us what blocks are you using?

I do not think #off-topic

What do you mean by that?

Network is good I checked a lot

I am using value store and get block

And i have check in other phone which have vi internet the firebase database not working

And you are saying that it’s works when you use it using vpn?

Yes working when use vpn with vi internet

Maybe try creating different database with us server.

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Look i respond to topic with questions i can solve and in this question i am not sure i can solve it so sorry.